Capital Système Investissements' key competence is to raise funds for growth companies, primarily private or public equity, but also mezzanine and private debt. We serve the interests of shareholders which include founders and investment funds.

Financial Structuring

If required we work closely with the management to improve the financial, organisational and legal profile of the company to facilitate a smooth transaction.

Furthermore we advise on the choice of the most appropriate mix of instruments including equity, mezzanine, convertible bonds, bridge loans and asset-backed securities.

Cross-Border Transactions

Our team has extensive experience in cross-border transactions, including in-depth knowledge of capital markets and regulatory environments. A typical example is a French company expanding in Asia for which we identified a Middle-Eastern family office investor.

Private Placements

We have established a strong reputation for identifying and representing talented entrepreneurs and companies with dynamic growth strategies. At the same time our selective approach, focused on attractive risk-reward profiles, has enabled us to build strong relationships with sophisticated investors worldwide. This can include smart business angels, entrepreneurial family offices, renowned private equity and venture capitalist funds as well as large corporate investors.

Investors by Type

Investors by Geography

Our goal is to identify and secure funding from the investors providing the best fit with a clients' objectives. Our network of investors has a unique depth of family offices and influential high net worth investors active in the small and mid-market segment across Europe, the Middle-East and Asia.

The process of raising money is always time-consuming and can be especially daunting for entrepreneurs who often have many other calls on their time. As well as helping to lighten this burden, we also aim to ensure that the relationship between the management and its long-term financing partners remains harmonious and productive.

Based on your development plan we advise on business planning, investment documentation and valuation. We identify suitable investors, solicit offers and manage the negotiation process to secure optimal terms.

Private Equity & Private Debt

Next to private equity, Capital Système Investissements has increasingly structured private debt placements, allowing its clients to dynamically grow their businesses without diluting their existing shareholder base. At the same time private debt allows investors to benefit from a comfortable yield with a reduced risk compared to private equity.

We tailor each private debt offering to the specific requirements of the company, its stakeholders and investors. Key variables include the coupon (generally between 6 and 14% according to the current market conditions), coupon payment schedule, term, reimbursement schedule and a potential conversion of the debt into equity. To protect our investors we favour, when possible, a timely reimbursement of the capital, in general monthly.

Three recent private debt transactions include Roth Mions, and GSFIT-Thomson and Kairos.

We also provide you with additional information about our current offerings.

Public Placements

For companies considering an initial public offering, we are uniquely positioned to give you access to our network of Swiss and international investors, being the only Alternext listing sponsor based in Switzerland. 

A public listing will give your company higher visibility, more credibility with customers and suppliers, higher valuations compared to private equity, the ability to rapidly raise additional capital as well as liquidity for founders, management, employess and other shareholders. A listed stock price also attributes a definite value to your company.

We will guide you through the entire IPO process, ensure that you select the right partners (broker, transfer agent and investor relations firm). We will enable a more focused IPO process, better pricing for your business and improved terms with the partners selected. Once floated, we will assist issuers throughout their life cycle on the stock market.

When preparing your company and its management for floatation, we will work with you to position your business so that it is marketed effectively to our network of fund managers and institutional investors. This includes amongst others helping you with the key marketing messages of the business, advising on board structure, or reviewing appropriate equity incentive structures for key staff. We will also liaise with the relevant regulatory authorities (AMF and Euronext) to ensure that the company meets the listing requirements, oversee the preparation of the necessary prospectus and associated documentation and, critically, advise on the appropriate investor list.

Capital Système Investissements is an authorised listing sponsor for the Alternext segment of the Euronext Stock Exchange since 2010.