Capital Système Investissements operates as an intermediary and an independent advisor to buyers or sellers who aim to execute a range of transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, sales, leveraged buyouts, joint ventures and spin-offs for strategic or personal reasons. Our rigorous process helps clients synthesise alternatives and develop the right course of action.

Growth Acquisitions

In advising clients on the acquisition of a company or set of assets, we assist through all stages of the process as we evaluate strategic alternatives, assess potential targets, provide valuation analysis and advise on strategy, timing, structure, financing, as well as pricing and assist in negotiating and closing transactions.



Our analysis-driven, fact-based approach enables our clients to determine the most valuable strategic and financial options, taking into account the entrepreneurs' personal objectives.

Entrepreneurial Exits

We advise clients contemplating the sale of certain business, asset, or their entire company, by identifying solvable investors that can ensure the long-term sustainability of the business. Being based in Switzerland we offer an unparalleled confidentiality along the entire process of the transaction. We also prepare the necessary documentation including an offering memorandum.

Leveraging our independence and lack of conflicts, we have a strong track record in searching for appropriate prospects within our portfolio of potential buyers, amongst them a significant number of family offices.